Acupuncture is among the oldest healing practices in the world. As part of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture aims to restore and maintain health through the stimulation of specific points on the body. Dr. Bergkamp has been a licensed, practicing Acupuncturist since 1983. He has travel twice to China to advance his understanding of this ancient art. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that acupuncture harmonizes and regulates the vital energy of the body (Qi). Disharmony occurs from injury, disease, environmental influences, and improper diet and activities. Traditional acupuncture can play a significant role in altering and relieving the blueprint of stress that layers on to the neural network of the human system. Acupuncture is effective in managing the stress that burdens patients and aids in improving their overall health. From insomnia, to headaches. to anxiety, this skillful painless technique offers an array of healing opportunities.


Naturopathic medicine is based on the belief that the human body has innate ability to heal itself. Naturopathic doctors (NDs) teach their patients to use diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, and cutting edge natural therapies to enhance their bodies’ ability to ward off and combat disease. NDs craft comprehensive treatment plans that blend the best of modern medical science and traditional natural medical approaches to not only treat disease, but to also restore health. NDs base their practice on six timeless principles founded on medical tradition and scientific evidence: first, do no harm; let nature heal; identify and treat causes (not simply symptoms); educate patients; treat the whole person; prevent illness.

Clinical Nutrition

We live in a time of massive environmental compromise. Our immune systems are under constant challenge and Americans suffer from nutrient deficiencies that are unparalleled in human history. Learning about and consuming the proper nutrients and foods, in combination with proper vitamin and mineral supplementation, is essential in these challenging times.

Dr. Bergkamp offers diet counseling along with weight-loss and weight-management techniques to help patients obtain optimum nutritional health. Dr. Bergkamp practices Clinical Nutrition as the ‘natural’ way to treat and heal many gastrointestinal health issues.


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